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My Story:

In my childhood my energies were spent in the pursuit of self-expression like dancing, music, writing poetry and stories, acting, debates and sports. As a young teenager, in search of answers I listened to the talks given by the spiritual guru J. Krishnamurti under a banyan tree. Later as a young woman in search of my true life purpose I read a lot of motivational books and attended self-growth workshops. Middle age brought about a lot of transformation in me. I became a Reiki Master Teacher, understood energy work and channelized my energies into my passion which is learning and found the best way to learn was to teach. I conducted many Reiki workshops for individuals and corporate. At this point of life I did the Management program in Entrepreneurship at one of the top management schools in India which opened my eyes to the outside world and I realized I had a keen desire to communicate to the world, so I became a trainer and a motivational speaker and made this my profession. I chose to step out and venture into corporate training where I trained thousands in soft skills and leadership. True to my entrepreneurial spirit I founded my company and am now CEO of KeyKonnecct which is a Management Training and Coaching Company. I experienced the most joyful moments of my life recently as a grandmother of twins and I enjoyed babysitting them. I am an Associate Certified Coach from ICF and a Certified Professional Executive and Life Coach from International Coach Academy and my niche is True Life Purpose and Mindfulness Coaching. I found my true calling as a Coach and I help people identify and unlock their true potential. I create a one-on-one relationship with my clients and hold a supportive and non-judgmental space to help them create what they want in their life, strategize and acquire the tools they need to achieve their goals. In this coaching space they take actions and I help them identify and reframe their perspectives and attitudes. I also help them in the process of breaking free of negative thought patterns, acquire new methods of identification, and taking actions to achieve their true potential!