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KEYKONNECCT-soft-skills-taining-1KEYKONNECCT’s Focus is on being a leading Training and Coaching Solutions Provider to help learners and organizations identify their true purpose in Life and Business and grow everyday by transforming people and connecting to the world for providing innovative Business Solutions and Life Strategies.


When an Organization wants to function effectively and efficiently the communication in the organization must be clear, open, focused and effective so that effective leadership skills are developed like good communication, articulation, thinking on the feet, humor, flexibility, Integrity, compelling presence and empathy.

To develop these skills we design the workshops so that they form the foundation of effective interaction of all the personnel in the organization especially when technical and non-technical employees and customers must communicate.

We customize the onsite training programs to make the employees technical as well as non-technical as effective with people as they are with technology so that they can influence, communicate and move effectively with wide variety of people from wide variety of backgrounds and in wide variety of situations. What would your organizations accomplish with that kind of a team?

Soft Skills Training:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  •  Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Team Building
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Mgmt & Goal Setting
  • Work Life Balance
  • Business Etiquette
  • Personality Development

Key Skills & Experience:

  • Designing and conducting soft skills training programs to improve individual and organizational performance by identifying the training needs The modules depend on individual requirements and are tailor-made to suit the clients’ needs and are modified, developed and delivered regularly on an on-going basis after feedback, review and research. 
  • Preparing course materials and facilitating workshops. The main areas of training delivery include sales, service, soft skills, management and leadership development programs. Designing training content on the basis of needs analysis and business requirements.
  • Introducing interventions to build leadership capability in organizations by monitoring, recording and evaluating training interventions for program effectiveness. Corporate learning modality principles and individual instruction training are implemented, thus engaging participants in active learning bringing out maximum potential.

Jahnavi incorporates theatre based training programs where skits, role plays, use of props, engage the participants in quick opening up to the required sensitization of the learning and implementation of new found techniques and soft skills. As a Training Actor she facilitates experiential drama based learning solutions .This is very effective in all service industries where a lot of human interaction has to take place, to learn quicker and use high motivational skills to make the training very interactive, experiential, perspective oriented with a lot of fun element, adopting these tools for soft skills training, coaching and mentoring. Being people-oriented she likes and enjoys working with other professionals, being a good listener she is sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and recognizes when others need support or independence, being able to contribute to the professional development of others and to share what she has learnt making the trainee and coachee feel empowered to make those transitions in a focused manner by becoming self-aware. She believes training and coaching an individual will, in all likelihood, leads to growth in the systems in which that individual finds himself or herself be it company, home or friendship networks and coaching a work team will, in all likelihood, lead to development in an individual’s life be it self- awareness, personal goal- setting, or addressing ‘sticky’ points in life.

Jahnavi has trained people from more than sixteen different nationalities and all levels of employees from the Managing Directors to the Fresher and in a broad spectrum of industries like IT, MNC Banks, Retail, FMCG, Entertainment Electronics, Hospitality, Bio- Technology, Construction, Engineering, Consulting, Manufacturing, Energy, Infrastructure and Public Sector Organizations. She has also trained University, Engineering, and Management College students and produced high quality results that develop competencies in trainees.